Ep 3: E-commerce, Re-Platforming, & Affiliate Channels | Jeff Cash


E-commerce, Re-Platforming, & Affiliate Channels

In Episode 3 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast our featured guest, Jeff Cash, offers insight into e-commerce, re-platforming, and building affiliate channels. At Newell Group, his role as Marketing Director is to discover a direct to consumer channel for a variety of brands. Newell Group uses email to distribute content, such as recipes, to consumers and they also facilitate the consumers’ ability to order everything that’s needed directly from their website. This conversion of the site into an e-commerce site has increased their outreach to consumers by placing their product alongside the content.

Jeff also shares his experience with a recent re-platforming at Newell Group. He explains that his role was to optimize a lot of the decisions made throughout the re-platforming process. He emphasizes how massive such an undertaking is for an organization and how selecting the right partner is critical for the success of the process. He also clarifies that there is no perfect platform and there are a lot of rounds of revisions that need to occur before the implementation is finalized.

Jeff goes on to discuss the importance of recognizing trends and testing strategies because what worked in the past or what’s working currently isn't guaranteed to work in the future. Currently Newell Group has been developing affiliate channels, Jeff discusses the importance of quality over quantity in terms of members of the affiliate channels. He mentions that the way he got started and the way he recommends others to get started is to go through Commission Junction and really get comfortable as a publisher and learn the ins and outs of the affiliate group before becoming a partner. Join us in this conversation about e-commerce, re-platforming and building affiliate channels. Listen in and learn about the importance of constantly keeping your programs in check and never falling into the trap of believing that what worked yesterday will work today.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Episode Welcome
00:19 – Co-hosts Introduction
00:36 – What's in the News Today | "Publishers see promise with Instagram Live";
04:15 – Facebook Statistical Challenges | Episode 1
05:20 – Featured Interview with Jeff Cash
06:35 – Jeff's Role at Newell Group
07:18 – Newell's use of email as a marketing tool
08:31 – How to reach out to audience
10:13 – Tracking analytics and trends
11:43 – Platform Implementation Process | Re-platforming
14:25 – Jeff Cash’s experiences at Newells Group & Horizon Hobby
16:23 – Paid Media
17:46 – Advice for Marketing Managers
18:56 – Jeff Cash's Marketing Priorities for 2017
20:29 – Jeff Cash's strategies to keep up with ongoing changes in e-commerce
22:05 – Affiliate Channels at Newell Group
23:58 – How marketing managers can get started with affiliate channels
25:14 – Site Merchandising Strategies
26:43 – Episode Key Takeaway
27:54 – Jokes – Naughty Lead
28:45 – Episode Outro

Featured Guest

Jeff Cash – E-commerce Marketing Manager
Website: thenewellgroup.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jeffmcash


Digiday – “Publishers see promise with Instagram Live”
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