Ep 4: Why Building Authority is Essential | Gene Hammett


Why Building Authority is Essential

In this Episode of the Lion's Share Marketing Podcast our featured guest, Gene Hammett, offers insight into the importance of building authority. Gene is a coach, speaks on building authority, and teaches clients to leverage their authority and how to use the stage to get high value clients simultaneously. Gene explains that authority is not what you say it is but rather, what others say about you and the feeling that they have about you.

In the absence of authority people will ignore you and no one wants to listen when you have nothing to say. He clarifies that you can engineer your authority and offers advice on the best way to do this. Gene says that there is a lot of competition for our attention and the competition continues to be amplified therefore it is critical for businesses to stand out and to add value to conversations and authority allows you to do this. If you don’t have authority you don’t get the attention, you don’t get the followers and your business will suffer as a result. He says that the best way to see yourself is by understanding how others see you and this is important to become “the choice” rather than “a choice”.

Gene also discusses the importance of speaking on stage for leaders. He explains that if you have an idea and you want people to accept that idea, you need to successfully communicate your message. Taking the stage is an effective way to communicate your message because you are face to face with your audience and can develop a relationship faster than you would be able to develop it online. Face to face marketing is a great way to share your message and connect with people. Join us in this conversation about Gene’s journey and the importance of building authority. You'll learn how to build your authority, the reason people get nervous with public speaking and how you can improve in these areas through courses by our guest, Gene Hammett.

Time Stamps

0:00: Episode Welcome
0:20: Co-hosts Introduction
0:50: In the News Today | "Fact checkers to Facebook: Fight fake news"
4:12: Featured Interview with Gene Hammett
5:00: Gene Hammett's Background
6:55: What is authority?
8:05: The importance of authority for leaders
9:45: Gene Hammett's journey to engineer his own authority
13:16: Transition from being "a choice" to being "the choice"
15:00: The importance of speaking on stage for marketing leaders
17:07: Gene Hammett's first experiences in public speaking
19:43: The reason people get nervous
21:06: How to build a personal brand & how to get started
26:31: Gene Hammett's free course
29:25: The Trap of Success
31:20: Episode Key Takeaway
32:50: Joke - tap dancer and clicks
33:35: Episode Outro

Featured Guest

Gene Hammett - Managing Director at Leaders in the Trenches
Website: leadersinthetrenches.com
Facebook: facebook.com/gene.hammett
Twitter: twitter.com/genehammett


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