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Marketing to Millenials

In Episode 5 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast our featured guest, Tom Hume, offers insight into techniques to attract Millennials to purchase established products. Tom begins by retelling his success in reducing the average age of Toshiba buyers from 48-year-olds to 38-year-olds. After conducting research, he found that Toshiba computers were regarded as high-quality products, they did however, fall short in terms of aesthetics and innovation. Because of this, Toshiba was struggling to reach a younger audience with whom Apple was having great success.

In an attempt to reach Millennials, Toshiba began to modify their mobile and social media approach. Tom and his team began to focus on the story rather than simply listing the specs of their products. They created more video content through which they were able to showcase their products’ features in a unique and entertaining way that consumers could connect with. Tom shares an experiment Toshiba conducted in which they placed their new ultrabooks in people’s bags without their knowledge to demonstrate the unnoticeable weight of the computers. Through this experiment, Toshiba was able to collect testimonials and engage consumers by posting footage of the entire process on Facebook to encourage people to guess when the computers were placed in the bags.

Later, Toshiba created various films to engage and attract consumers, especially millennials. Tom states that this approach was very successful and consumers were seeking the stories they were creating. Tom explains that good storytelling starts with a deep understanding of your consumer and being able to specify what differentiates your product. Tom shares what he believes to be the most effective method to get your material viewed and recognized by consumers and how to get started with storytelling. Join us in this conversation about reaching millennials through storytelling, the importance of researching your target market and understanding your product’s unique attributes. Listen for more about techniques and practices to retain your existing consumers while attracting new ones.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Episode Welcome
00:20 – Co-hosts Introduction
00:50 – What’s in the News Today | “Proximity to Searcher is the New #1 Local Search Ranking Factor”
05:14 – Featured Interview with Tom Hume
06:07 – Marketing to Millennials | Toshiba’s Approach
13:03 – How to get high consumer engagement
14:00 – Digital Story Telling | Ultrabook Experiment
18:15 – Satellite Click | Toshiba One Hand Challenge
20:00 – Toshiba’s Films | Millennials Response & Involvement
29:30 – The role of storytelling in reducing the average age of Toshiba’s buyers
32:38 – How to use storytelling to reach target market
35:02 – Cure JM Foundation
40:12 – Episode Key Takeaway
41:49 – Closing Comments
42:12 – Jokes – Sushi
43:00 – Episode Outro

Featured Guest

Tom Hume- VP of Marketing
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tomhume
Twitter: twitter.com/humetom
Cure JM Foundation


MOZ - Proximity to Searcher is the New #1 Local Search Ranking Factor
Toshiba Ultrabook Experiment
The Beauty Inside
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