Ep 6: Stronger Social Content & Search | Jeff Johnson


Stronger Content, Social, & Search

In Episode 6 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast our featured guest, Jeff Johnson, offers insight into stronger content, social, & search as well as what small business owners and marketing teams can do to overcome them. Jeff begins by narrating his experiences working with small businesses and how this influenced him to launch The National Association for Small Business Digital Marketing (SBDM). Jeff explains that the mission of SBDM is to connect small business owners and marketers with the best digital marketing minds, tools, and resources in the country to help them grow their business faster in our evolving digital world.

In addition, Jeff identifies the top 3 issues in digital marketing. The first of those issues is content marketing; he explains that it is important to understand how to create valuable content, how to repurpose content and how to do it correctly. The second issue that Jeff identifies is social media; he discusses the challenges of maintaining and effective and balanced presence on social media that allows businesses to develop connections and relationships with their customers. Jeff clarifies that rather than looking at all the social media platforms as different strategies, marketers should focus on how they are working together and if they are working together to achieve the bigger picture. Rather than trying to be present on all social media platforms, business should select the one where they can reach their target markets. The last issue that Jeff introduces is search marketing and how small business owners can use this tool to their benefit.

Host Tyler joins the conversation and discusses the importance of using free tools such as Google Analytics to gain a better understanding on the effectiveness of different platforms. He also encourages marketers not to be scared of the data and make the necessary changes when needed. Join us in this conversation about the current issues with digital marketing and how to overcome them. Listen for more information about SBDM and the upcoming national summit that will be hosted in sunny San Diego.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Episode Welcome
00:19 – What is Marketing?
02:31 – Co-hosts Introduction
03:07 – Featured Guest Introduction
03:22 – What’s in the News Today | “Capture Attention with Updated Features for Video Ads”
08:21 – Tools for Video Ads
12:22 – Tips for Video Ads
14:30 – Featured interview with Jeff Johnson
15:51 – Jeff's Background
17:12 – National Association for Small Business Digital Marketing
18:13 – Top 3 Digital Marketing Issues
22:10 – Advice to Marketing Leaders for 2017
23:49 – Episode Key Takeaway
25:06 – Google Analytics
26:32 – Small Business Digital Marketing National Summit 2017
29:28 – Stay Connected with Jeff | National Summit 2017 Promo Code
33:40 – Closing Comments
34:34 – Episode Outro

Featured Guest

Jeff Johnson - Founder & President of SBDM
Facebook: facebook.com/mysbdm
Twitter: twitter.com/MYSBDM
SBDM National Summit | March 27th-29th | Get Tickets


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Google Analytics
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