Ep 8: SEO Trends, Tips, & Tricks | Kenny Soto

SEO Trends, Tips, & Tricks | Kenny Soto

SEO Trends, Tips, & Tricks

In Episode 8 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast our guest, Kenny Soto, offers insight on SEO trends and shares some tips for marketing leaders. Kenny Soto is Fidelitas Development’s own Director of Digital Marketing. He works closely with Fidelitas clients to develop their digital marketing strategies. Kenny works to identify who the clients’ target audience is and then crafts the right marketing strategy to attract customers through Google and other digital channels.

Kenny begins by recommending that marketing leaders just starting out should follow the rules. Kenny further explains that both Google and Facebook are very transparent with what they are looking for on websites and the best thing to do is simply to play their game. Kenny further encourages marketing leaders to focus on things that they CAN control in regard to their websites, such as the content itself as well as the way in which the content is organized and tagged. By focusing on these aspects, marketing leaders can positively impact their SEO.

The conversation then transitions to a discussion about the impact that voice searching devices, such as Google Home and Alexa, are having on marketing. Kenny comments that in the past it wasn’t necessary to be the top result on a Google search, as long as you were in the top results. With voice searching devices this has changed; search traffic is now being directed to the top result. Kenny describes the challenges that this creates for marketing leaders and recommends that when optimizing content it is important to focus on who is asking the question as well as what contextual language they are using to ask it, acknowledging that different people may ask the same question in varying ways.

Lastly, Kenny brings up what he calls Google’s dangerous strategy; Google is known as the best organic search engine on the web, although recent changes in Google's ad platform may threaten users’ trust in Google. In the past Google would present mainly organic results with only one or two ads, but over time they have been continuously included a higher number of ads on the first page. This leads our expert guest Kenny to question if people will begin to lose their trust in Google, and if the search giant is at risk of losing its status as a trusted source for search results.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Episode Welcome
00:17 – Co-hosts Introduction
01:15 – What’s in the News Today | “Surprising New Band of Rivals Could Make TV Targeting Finally Work”
04:05 – Featured Guest Introduction
04:36 – Kenny's opinion on the open AP news development
05:12 – Kenny's role at Fidelitas Development
05:50 – Should start up companies prioritize SEO or PPC?
07:06 – SEO Trends | What marketing leaders should focus on
08:03 – Common Marketing Client Needs
09:22 – How to Identify right KPIs
10:43 – Google Home & Alexa | How to become the top result
13:12 – "The best place to hide a body is on the second page of Google"
18:54 – How to identify if marketing provider is up to the challenge
20:42 – Joke | SEO expert getting hit by traffic
21:26 – Closing Comments
22:00 – Episode Outro

Featured Guest

Kenny Soto - Director of Digital Marketing at Fidelitas Development
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/kennethsoto
Twitter: twitter.com/TheRealKSo


AdvertisingAge - "Surprising New Band of Rivals Could Make TV Targeting Finally Work"

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